ArchLoot is a UGC NFT (Non-fungible token) game built on BNB Chain. It provides interactive NFT technology, the first in the industry, to enable an adventurous role-playing journey that fully unleashes gamers' creativity.
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Go Buy Goblin & Collector Pass
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Adventurous RPG
Why should you play ArchLoot among thousands of GameFi projects?

Zero gating factor for both web2 and web3 gamers. Free to enter, learn to play, purchase rare NFTs and monthly Pass to maximize the earnings (both governance token $ALT and in-game currency $ALG)

Avatar Builder

Assemble, train and enhance your avatar from a whole directory of upgradable NFTs, which also allows user modifications to be protected and logged on chain.

Game Modes

Evolving challenges in PVE, PVP, and Clan Wars. Diverse gameplay entails unexpected earnings and leaderboard perks.

Hear from our guild partners who have try it out
The customization is very similar to Spore, the only game that had the innovation to create that kind of customization, I think it is very well implemented in ArchLoot.
It had me at UGC. I really liked the way it could be customized and the controls were good.
The game is amazing and fun for hardcore gamers, some of our gamers even play 12 hours a day, and they really enjoyed the game.
The game is innovative in the space and connects a few likable game mods together, in short, everybody can find something for themselves
The first interactive NFT technology in GameFi
ALT Parts

The new protocol EIP-4985 + BEP 129

NFTs in ArchLoot are loot-style avatar body parts. Powered by the self-developed protocol EIP-4985 and BEP-129, which derives from ERC-721 but greatly enhances its feature, these NFTs align gamers' creations, including adding attributes and levelling up skills, with corresponding underlying metadata change in a trustless manner.

ArchLoot is a decentralized organization with the pursuit of building something of real fun.
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Archloot can not embrace such impressive milestones without the non-stop companionship
Phase 0
- 2021
Game development
Phase 1
- 2022 Q1
Further game development
NFT system development
Internal testing
Phase 2
- 2022 Q2
Community building
Mystery box sales
Closed Beta Test I
Phase 3
- 2022 Q3
Multi-language support
Marketplace/ Dashboard
Closed Beta Test II
Phase 4
- 2022 Q4
Enhancement of gameplay
Extra dungeons and events
Closed Beta Test III
Phase 5
- 2022
Open beta test
Official launch
Enhancement of Open World
UGC-NFT collection showcase room